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My name is Branni Estevez, i am 16 years old and i am an student of LESP. Since i was a little funny and crazy girl. I really like spend time with my family and enjoy the little things. In October 24 of 2018 i enter in this school.At first it was wierd ; you know "The new girl",but i think i did friends so easily and all the people here were so nice to me. The teachers help me to know what was going on in their classes, and it was so cool. I really like this school and the knowledge that i recieved from here. I think i am going to finish my high school here because it gives me a lot of oportunities like now that i am going to work here.

..Here is a picture of me..

One quote i really like is:
"Stop overthinking things and just do it"

I want to see those netflix movies and series:

List of hobbies to try:
  1. Blogging
  2. Drawing
  3. Sculpting
  4. Makeup
  5. Traveling
  6. Cooking
  7. Creative writing
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